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Now offering customized packages for all businesses and individuals,
including everything from turn-key solutions to basic distribution.

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It all starts with Build My

Some say you only have one chance to make a lasting impression.
Why not do it over and over again with a world-class podcast show?

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It's All About Presentation

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Who It’s For

Customized Solutions

We all have a message.  But do you have all the tools in-house to get your message to the right people?  Probably not.  That’s why we’ve developed some of the best podcasting solution packages available today.

  • World Renowned Voice Talents
  • Scripting / Content Assistance
  • Audio Sourcing / Licensing
  • Professional Marketing Team
  • In-House Design Team
  • Rapid Support (E-mail / Phone)
The Individual

Been looking for a channel to broadcast your message?  Whether you’re a person looking to interview other likeminded individuals to discuss topics such as politics or hobbies, we offer packages perfectly suited for you without breaking the bank. At the end of the day it’s all out your message and getting it to the masses.

Small Business

Would you hire a person off the streets to invest your retirement savings? Why not? Your answer is probably that you wouldn’t trust him to do a good job, or do it at all. Right? Podcasting is a growing marketing platform for building credibility and trust with potential clients and growing your business. No need to hire a studio and take on another headache. Let’s build your brand together with your own podcast show.

Large Business

Stressed by searching for ways to taking your marketing to the next level?  Have you called “old fashioned?” Well, here’s the “magic pill” for curing that problem.  We’ve teamed up with some of the world’s top Voice Talents and Marketing professionals to offer you an absolute turn-key solution for gaining what you need most, trust, credibly and here it is… new business.

  • A Creative Marketing Tool
  • Controlled Content
  • Your Voice
  • Your Message

It’s no secret that most non-profits are lacking the deep pockets that many for-profits firms have on-hand. Why should this limit organizations from being able to market their message and purpose? After all, this is what helps them raise the funds needed to serve. 


How It Works


The stars are the limit.


It’s all about the message.


Let’s build your own show.

Final Touches

Time to pull in the audio, marketing and audience.


Position yourself as an expert in your field.

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