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Podcasting is not as difficult as you may think.
Think of it as a first date…you need to start somewhere

One step to Success!

Have you ever heard a podcast or even a radio show and think, “How do they do that” or “I want to have my own show”?  Well we don’t really want to spoil the glory of the airwaves but in reality most shows are done with a team of people behind them and do include a fairly large budget to produce and distributed.

Now here’s where we really ruin things… what we’ve developed blows the lid of the industry and the opportunities for businesses and individuals that don’t want to break the bank and have their own professional podcast show.

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Idea Starters

Sometimes (actually most of the time), the hardest thing is getting the idea to put in place.  We’re here to help!


The Equipment

No need to run to a loan shark to purchase your podcasting equipment.  Yes, it’s possible to do it within a reasonable budget.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s be honest… we all have questions.  Thankfully many of you haven’t been afraid to ask us the ones on your mind.