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Who listens to podcasts?

Anyone can listen to any podcast they may find of interest and do so at any time, regardless if they are hosted on a specific website or on iTunes.

How can a podcast show be used by a business?

More then ever before, businesses are using podcasts to offer their customers/clients more information on their business. When done professionally, a podcast can really help differentiate a business from their competitors.

Where will my shows be posted for listeners?

With “BuildMyPodcast.com” your podcasts will be posted either on iTunes and/or on your dedicated website, depending on the package purchased.

Who is JTE Marketing Group?

JTE Marketing is a full service-marketing firm headquartered in Charleston, SC. JTE has clients in all corners of the continental USA and is the business side of “BuildMyPodcast.com”

I‘ve heard podcasts are only available on iPhones/iPods. Is this true?

Not at all! Podcasts are posted in various locations including websites and iTunes. This being the case, a podcast can be listened to on almost any device, whether a computer or mobile device.

I already have a website for myself/business, can I add a page or player to it for accessing our podcasts?

Absolutely! The podcasts we offer is priced as an a la carte service because websites are built differently and the amount of time required to develop and produce them properly will vary.

What is the process for producing a podcast?

What makes “BuildMyPodcast.com” different from other companies is how we can effectively reduce the guesswork and time required out of the podcasting production process. Regardless what package you choose, the only thing you have to do is submit your recorded portion of each podcast to “BuildMyPodcast.com” and we take care of the rest. That's it!

How does “BuildMyPodcast.com” help me get my podcast up and running?

When we say “turn-key” we mean it! Just look at the offerings on our ‘Podcast Packages’ page. We are also available to give advice and coaching along the way. We will never turn our backs on you.

Can I speak with a “Build My Podcast.com” representative if I have questions?

You can contact audio and marketing representatives at (800) 975-7096.

I want to have a podcast but don’t feel comfortable being behind the microphone, am I out of luck? What can I do?

“BuildMyPodcast.com” offers fully scripting and professional hosting as a la carte services.

What equipment is recommended for a high-quality recording?

Please visit our recommended equipment page: http://bmp.jtemarketing.com/equipment/ (check your spelling on the actual link. There’s no “T” in in the middle of ‘equipment’)

Does “BuildMyPodcast.com” offer services not listed in the main packages?

Absolutely! Check out the list of a la carte services you can use to build a customized package best suited to your needs. Please contact us so we can discuss those needs in more detail.

Who owns the legal rights to a podcast?

You do!  JTE Marketing Group and “BuildMyPodcast.com” only aid in the production and distribution of your podcasts.  At the end of the day the program rights are all yours, including audio licensing, which is include in most packages.

What do I need to provide “BuildMyPodcast.com” to get a podcasting program started?

Depending on which package you purchase, you have to complete a “New Client” form which helps “BuildMyPodcast.com” understand how you intend to use your new podcasts (like offering gardening tips, travel guides, ‘how-to’s’, new product introductions, financial planning advice, etc.) When submitted, we can begin preparing everything you’ll need.

Where is each podcast stored?

Each show is stored on our dedicated computer servers. This ensures that they are in good hands, well-secured, and easily accessible.

What is the recommended length a podcast should be?

We’re asked this question a lot. Depending on your intended audience and content, the average podcast is roughly 15-20 minutes. However, some very successful ones can be as short as 5-8 minutes or as long as 30+.

Can I advertise on my podcasts?

Absolutely! We strong recommend that if you can secure a sponsor, go for it!

How do I profit from a podcast?

This is another excellent question.  There are many direct and indirect ways of making a podcast profitable.  Clearly, one-way is to obtain paid sponsors/advertisers.  Another way is for a business - whether selling a product or a service - is to use the podcast to promote themselves.  A professional podcast is one of the best ways to make your business a trusted industry source for information and to legitimize yourself.

How do I promote my podcast?

This can be done many different ways and on many levels.  Starting with word of mouth (WOM) and moving to social media, posting links on various websites and message board forums, and even possibly considering paid advertising or press releases to traditional media outlets.